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Frequently Asked Questions:   

1.     How long does the application process take?

This depends on several factors, the type of visa required the history of the person or company and the timely submission of all the required documentation. The general rule is 3-6 weeks for an employment visa and between 2-6 months for an investment visa

2.     Once in possession of an employment visa, am I free to work in Hong Kong for whomever I wish?

No. An employment visa is specific to the employer / sponsor who provided support for the initial application. If you wish to change employers, you must apply for a change of employer / sponsor before taking up employment with them. It is illegal to work for another company before you have completed this process.

3.     How do I apply to become a permanent resident of Hong Kong?
You need to have been ordinarily resident in Hong Kong for a continuous period of not less than seven years, and have no outstanding tax liabilities in Hong Kong, and pose no security threat to Hong Kong. The process of becoming a permanent resident involves applying for the Right of Abode, which is detailed on the appropriate page of this website.
4.     I have been absent from Hong Kong during the past seven years, and wish to apply for the Right of Abode. Can I still do so?

Yes. You may still apply for permanent residency in Hong Kong if you have not been absent from Hong Kong for a period of more than six months in any one year during the past seven years of continuous residence. In some cases, your application for Right of Abode will still be considered if any one absence exceeded six months, as along as the appropriate supporting information and explanation is provided.

If you have any questions which you think should be posted on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us and we shall update accordingly.

If there is any subject regarding immigration issues in Hong Kong that you wish to discuss further or need clarification on, we are always happy to help and provide an initial consultation free of charge.


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