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Employment Visas are required by the Hong Kong Immigration Department before taking up any sort of employment in Hong Kong SAR unless you have the right of abode or right to land in Hong Kong.


The approach to obtaining an employment visa depends on the applicant's circumstances and location when applying.  In general terms, the Immigration Department prefer the applicant to apply for an employment visa before entering Hong Kong.  


Should an expatriate be recruited locally and then subsequently apply for a visa whilst in Hong Kong, this will effect a change of status application from a Visitor's visa to an Employment visa.  These type of applications are more difficult to process, and require more supporting evidence of why a local could not be recruited for the position.  If at all possible, it is advisable to submit your application before entering Hong Kong.


In a situation whereby an overseas company wishes to transfer an employee internally to their Hong Kong office, these type of applications can fairly straightforward as long as the employee in question has been employed by that company for some time.  If the applicant has only been employed by the company overseas for a few months, then a more argumentative approach to the application is required, and again more supporting evidence of why the position could not be filled locally would be necessary.


Broadly speaking, if an individual is qualified and experienced, and they submit their application in line with Immigration's requirements, then they have a very good chance of being granted an Employment visa.  In all cases the documentation required by the Immigration department should be submitted in the correct format, and in a timely manner to ensure the best results.


Please contact us to discuss you requirements in more detail, or to arrange a free preliminary assessment of your application.


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