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Investment Visas constitute quite a complex and lengthy application process.   They are for any person wishing to establish a business in Hong Kong and hence applying for an employment visa for investment purposes.


Immigration's requirements of obtaining this class of visa have become substantially more stringent since the early 90's.  The applicant needs to show that the business will have reasonable financial backing, establish an office in Hong Kong and intend to employ  local staff.  A sound business plan is essential, and an established company either in Hong Kong overseas that will act as a benefactor in the first stages of the new company's trading. 


Applications can take a significant amount of time to process, usually 4-6 months, and this is dependent upon all the required  documentation being submitted in a timely manner and in the correct format.


There are no " hard and fast"  rules for approval of an investment visa, but we would be happy to discuss individual cases in detail with any applicant.  Please contact us if we can be of assistance


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