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Admission of Talents Scheme

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Introduced into the Immigration System in late 1999, this scheme is specifically set up for applicants with outstanding qualities, expertise and experience that is not readily available in Hong Kong.  The type of projects that they will be admitted to work for are those that aim to enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong's economy, particularly knowledge based and high-tech industries.


One major change that the introduction of this new scheme has rendered is that mainland PRC residents can now apply directly for employment in Hong Kong.  Previously, there was no specific mechanism by which to do this, and it was necessary to obtain an exit permit from mainland PRC authorities.  The categories that are now eligible to apply for an employment visa through this scheme are as follows:-

  • Mainland residents

  • Mainland residents currently living overseas

  • Mainland students undertaking post-graduate courses in Hong Kong may apply on completion of the course

  • Nationals of Bulgaria, Romania and Mongolia

  • Any other persons who may be eligible for an employment visa under the existing policy.

The applicants must have a very sound educational background, usually to doctorate level, or alternatively must be able to produce evidence of their outstanding skills and achievements that are not readily available in the local community.  Other routes to gaining such a visa are through having gained the relevant working experience with reputable firms.


The applicant must have a job offer matching their experience and qualifications before applying for an entry visa through this scheme.  The offer must include a reasonable salary, housing allowance, and other fringe benefits.  Processing of these types of application take approximately three weeks and upon approval of the visa, exit permits should be issued to the applicant within 15 days.


If you think. you may meet these requirements, and wish to discuss the matter further, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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