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A landmark court ruling in early 2003 forced a change in the Immigration policies of Hong Kong, and effecitively removed the requirement of Unconditional Stay ("UCS") as a prerequisite before applying for the Right of Abode in Hong Kong. Long-stay residents of Hong Kong will now be able to apply for a Permanent Hong Kong ID Card without first having to apply for UCS. Existing applicants for UCS still have to go through the process of proving seven years continuous ordinary residence in Hong Kong and provide all the necessary supporting documentation and information to support this.

Eligibility for Right of Abode is defined when someone has been continuously resident in Hong Kong for not less than seven years, who intends to make Hong Kong their permanent place of residence and has no security reason for not granting ROA nor has any outstanding tax liabilities in Hong Kong.  Upon approval of their application for ROA, they no longer needed to apply for any sort of visa to enter and undertake any activities, such as employment, business, education, etc. in Hong Kong. The holder of Right of Abode in Hong Kong must land in Hong Kong at least once every 36 months or the status will be revoked.

The application process for Right of Abode, although basically administrative in nature, can still take a considerable time due to the amount of supporting information required by the Immigration Department and the fact that they class these cases as fairly low priority.  They can be flexible with some of the required information due to the lengthy seven year period they are documenting, and in most cases the status should be granted, barring any security risks to Hong Kong.  As always, if all the required information is submitted in a timely manner, and in the correct format, this will assist in the processing of the application.


If you would like further information regarding the Right of Abode, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the matter further. 


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